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Boisé Signature Oak Chips FAQ

What are Boisé Signature Oak Chips?

Boisé Signature offers two pre-blended recipes of oak chips, Signature Y and Signature T. Each product has special organoleptic characteristics that can be assembled to serve as a basis for the winemaker in creating wine profiles. With comprehensive R&D, Boisé Signature is proved to work well on most grape varieties and produce desired sensory effects.

What are the organoleptic characteristics of Signature Y and Signature T?

Signature Y is for more rounded and fruity wines. Signature T is for more elegant oaked wines.

What are the sensory effects of each pre-mixed blend?

Signature Y brings viscosity and sweetness on the mouth without traces of wood and toasted notes. Instead, fruity aromas stand out. This blend helps achieve vigorous wines with more balanced palate and aromas.

Signature T amplifies the volume on the mouth and balances your wines significantly, increasing viscosity and structure. This blend also improves the length and the persistence on the palate. Signature Y helps achieve more complex wines thanks to the delicate combination of various toasted notes.

What are the specifications?

Boisé Signature oak chips are made from France and range in size from 2-25 mm.

How much oak do I need to use for my wine?

For Signature Y, we recommend using between 2.5 and 5 g/L. The concentration should be adjusted according to the desired impact and the balance of the original wine.

For Signature T, we recommend using between 1 and 5 g/L. The concentration should be adjusted according to the desired oak impact and the balance of the original wine.

Can Boisé Signature be mixed with the Boisé Origine line?

Yes, Boisé Signature can be combined with other products of the Origine line to obtain more customized wine profiles.

When should I use the oak chips?

We suggest using the oak chips during the aging phase to sublimate your wines.