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Boisé Oak Chips FAQ

What are Boisé® Oak Chips and where are the products sourced from?

Since 1996, the Boisé® brand has achieved the status of a worldwide leader in designing and producing premium innovative oak alternatives. As a pioneer in precision winemaking, Boisé® brings to the market reliably consistent French oak chips recognized worldwide for their high quality. Our experts have a deep understanding of oak and wine interactions.

What is the range of Boisé® Oak Chips?

The Boisé® range forms a selection of 14 complementary chips that can be assembled to serve as a basis for the winemaker in creating wine profiles. Each chip has very specific organoleptic characteristics that allow the winemaker to directly impact aromatic profile and balance on the palate. For more information, please refer to the sensory chart on each oak chip on the product page.

What are the specifications?

Boisé® oak chips are made from Quercus Petrae and range in size from 5-20mm.

How much oak chips do I need to use for my wine?

The quantity of chips used depends on the variety, style of winemaker, the profile, etc. Please contact us if you would like technical consultation.

When should I use the oak chips?

Our range of chips can be used during alcoholic fermentation, before malolactic fermentation and after, during the aging phase. Also, some products can be used to fine tune the wines before bottling like our SC100 chips.

Do you have any pumpable oak chips?

Yes, our BFP chips are pumpable and smaller in size.

What is the recommended soaking time for wine?

We recommend 8 weeks of soaking for full integration.

Can I reuse the oak chips?

No, after the 2 months of soaking that we recommend, the chips have already given every soluble compound, and it won’t make any difference in the wine.

Do you test the oak chips for TCA?

Yes, every batch is tested and is free of TCA. The chips come with a free TCA certificate when they leave the factory. We can’t extend this certificate when they arrive to the customer because if the chips are not well handled or if the storage conditions are not good, they can get contaminated.

How do you package the oak chips?

Oak chips come in prefilled 22lbs (10kg) mesh bags and are protected by air-tight plastic outer bags.

I produce organic wines, may I use Boisé®?

Yes, we have an organic certificate.

I produce Kosher wines, may I use Boisé®?

Yes, we have a Kosher certificate.

If I do not want to use the whole bag at once, can I store the rest for future use?

Yes, you can keep the oak chips in the original plastic outer bag for up to three years. Please make sure you keep them sealed and away from any chemicals and smelly materials. Each bag has its own best before date.

If I do not want to use the whole bag, do you offer extra mesh bags?

Yes, we have extra mesh bags available for purchase.

Do you offer test kits?

Yes, we have our Boisé Test Kits available for online order.