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Boisé Inspiration Staves FAQ  

What are Boisé Inspiration staves and where are the products sourced from?

Currently in the market, the Boisé range consists of 8 types of staves, the 07.1, 07.3, 07.5, 07.V0, 07.FR, 20.1, 20.3, and 20.5.

What are the profiles of each?

The 07.1 represents a vanilla profile, while the 07.3 enhances the complexity of the wines by revealing fruit and adding hints of caramel and spice. The 07.5 is the reference for a smoky/toasted profile in the range. The “07” represents the thickness of the stave (7 mm). This thickness helps increase the roundness and sweet perception in the palate, but without increasing the dryness.

The 20mm series consists of the 20.1 which brings out the fruit expression with vanilla notes, 20.3 contains spicy and caramel notes, and the 20.5 has a significant aromatic persistence.

The raw material is sourced from French oak trees, which then undergoes specific analytical sorting and heat treatment to create a very precise and consistent product.

What are its specifications?

The 7 series staves are 7 mm thick, with an average weight of 200 grams per stave. The 20 series staves are 20mm thick, with an average weight of 628 grams per stave. Each 20 mm thick stave has 1.5 sq. ft surface.

How are the staves packaged?

Each 7mm bundle consists of 21 staves. Each box consists of 3 bundles (63 staves total per box).

Each 20mm bundle consists of 7 staves. Each box consists of 3 bundles (21 staves total per box).

How many staves do I need to use on my wine?

Depending on the desired oak impact we recommend addition rates in the range of 2-6 g/L. However, the quantity of staves used depends on the style of wine, winemaker’s preferences, end goals, etc. Please contact us if you would like technical consultation.

What does it mean in terms of New Barrel Equivalent (NBE)?

Several studies have demonstrated that the average release of oak component from a new barrel is around 12 to 14 g/L. Therefore, 4g/L is around 33.3% of new barrel release.

What is the time of contact to ensure a full extraction and integration of oak components?

Timing is very important when using barrel alternatives.

Thinner staves are suitable for faster extraction and applicable when contact time with the wine is limited to 4 – 6 months.

The thicker staves are suitable for prolonged contact time where slower extraction builds more barrel like complexity. Recommended extraction time – 9-12 months or longer.

We recommend holding the wine on the staves for at least 4 months to ensure proper extraction and integration. Less than 4 months may contribute to plank-like flavors. If 4 months is too long for certain winemaking programs, we recommend using chips for quicker extraction and integration.

When should I use the staves?

Similar to our chips, staves can be used during alcoholic fermentation (AF) or aging. But considering that the oak compounds will interact with micro-organisms during AF or malolactic fermentation (MLF), the use of staves during aging is recommended in order to get the full impact of our staves.

Can I reuse the staves?

Staves, especially ticker staves like the 20 mm ones, can be reused a long as new wine is added to the tank immediately after the first wine has been pumped out, otherwise microbial problems may occur. It is a common practice by many wineries to use staves with a first fill for 6-8 months and then change to second wine for 4-6 months or as long as full extraction is achieved. One has to have in mind that the oak profile of the second fill wine will not be consistent with a new barrel profile as some faster extracting compounds would be lacking in the second wine.  

Are the staves tested for TCA?

Yes. Like all Boisé products, the staves are certified by an external lab analysis to ensure that the product is TCA-free. We can’t extend this certificate when they arrive to the customer because if the staves are not well handled or if the storage conditions are not good, they can get contaminated.

I produce organic wines, can I use Boisé Inspiration staves?

Yes, we have an organic certification.

I produce Kosher wines, can I use Boisé Inspiration staves?

Yes, we have a kosher certificate.

If I don’t use the whole box of staves, can I store the rest for future use?

Yes, but we recommend that the staves be used within 3 years after production, respecting the appropriate storage conditions.

Do you offer test kits?

Yes, we offer sample kits for the staves which can be used for bench-top trials.