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Boisé Inspiration Barrel Inserts FAQ  

What are Boisé® Inspiration barrel inserts and where are they sourced from?

Since 1996, the Boisé® brand has achieved the status of a worldwide leader in designing and producing premium innovative oak alternatives. As a pioneer in precision winemaking, Boisé® brings to the market reliably consistent French Oak barrel inserts for extending the life of your used barrels.

The raw material is sourced from oak trees from French forests that then undergo specific analytical sorting and heat treatment to create a very precise and consistent product.

What are the profiles of each?

#20.1iN are vanilla style barrel inserts with volume and structure in mouthfeel.

#20.3iN are spicy style barrel inserts with volume and structure in mouthfeel.

#20.5iN are toasty style barrel inserts with volume and structure in mouthfeel.

What are the specifications?

Composition: French Oak, Querqus sp

Size: The dimensions of each of the 16 staves in the insert chain are L 200 mm x W 20mm x H 20 mm.

Contact Surface: 2.9 sq. ft. per one insert of 16 staves

Weight: 850 g per one insert

How are the inserts packed?

Each barrel insert is individually packed in an individual plastic bag, together with applicable food grade plastic ties and an eyelet hook for attachment to the barrel bung.

Are the inserts tested for TCA?

Yes. Like all Boisé® products, the inserts are certified by an external lab analysis to ensure that the product is TCA-free. We can’t extend this certificate after they arrive to the customer because if the staves are not well handled or if the storage conditions are not good, they could become contaminated.

How can I use the barrel inserts?

Boisé® Inspiration barrel inserts are to be applied through the bunghole. An eyelet hook at the end of the chain is to be screwed into the bottom of the bung. Then the insert is to be inserted into barrel before closing the barrel, so it hangs from it and can be pulled out when needed.

How many inserts can I use in one barrel?

One insert represents 1/3 of a new barrel impact. Two inserts can be linked together before inserting in a barrel. Linking 3 chains is also possible, but we do not recommend unless necessary as too many staves will be mixing in the barrel and could become tangled, thus hard or impossible to remove.

Can I use different toast levels in the same barrel?

Yes, the benefit of using this format is that different toast inserts can be connected together for achieving a fuller, broader range of toasty oaky aromatic profiles.

Can I use less than one insert in a barrel?

Absolutely. The chain of 16 staves can easily be shortened to any desired length by removing as many staves as needed.

What is the time for full extraction and integration?

We recommend a minimum of 6 months and 12 (and up to 18 months) for full extraction. Like in a barrel, the integration happens continuously during the contact time.

Can I reuse an insert with a second wine?

An insert can be reused after the first fill, as long as it is transferred to the second wine immediately after the first.

When shall I use the barrel insert?

The insert can be added at time of barreling the wine down or at any time during barrel aging.

Can the insert be used for making Organic and Kosher wines?

Yes, we have organic and Kosher certificates.